What's the importance of offerings that used in Chhath puja?
What's the importance of offerings that used in Chhath puja?

Chhath Puja is a festival associated with nature. Natural objects are of utmost importance in this mega festival of faith. Therefore, natural objects, seasonal fruits and all kinds of fruits are used in the offerings of this puja. This festival takes you closer to nature. Its offerings are of great importance. Know the importance of every kind of prasad...

Cold prevention remedy in Thekua:-
In Chhath Puja, a variety of offerings are offered, but the most important of them is the offering of the Thekua, which is made from jaggery and flour. The worship of Chhath is considered incomplete without it. The reason behind including it in Chhath soup is that winter begins with Chhath and jaggery is extremely beneficial in avoiding cold and maintaining health.

Banana is beneficial:-
Bananas are also of special importance in Chhath. That is why it is distributed and accepted as prasad. The logic behind this is that the Chhath festival is performed for children and in the winter season children face the gas problem. In such a situation, banana is included in the prasad to protect them from this problem.

Dabh lemon is very beneficial:-
In Chhath prasad, Dabh lemon which is a special type of lemon is offered. It is large in appearance and yellow from the outside and red from within. Dabh lemon is very useful for our health and keeps us away from many diseases.

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