Giving Arghya to Surya Dev, Keep these things in mind
Giving Arghya to Surya Dev, Keep these things in mind

Today is the last day of Chhath Puja and today the rising sun will be given an Arghya. Surya Dev has a place among the original panch devas of eternal culture. At the same time, in astrology, he is considered to be the king of planets. The sun is considered to be a factor up to the soul in the horoscope. It is said that giving Arghya to Surya Dev removes all kinds of suffering. However, there are certain rules for giving Arghya, which are very important to know. Today we are going to tell you that while giving Arghya to Surya Dev, certain things should be taken care of and do not forget even by mistake.

What not to do even by mistake-

1. Use a copper container to give Arghya to Surya Dev, do not use steel, plastic and glass bottles.

2. While offering Arghya to the Surya Dev, hold the pot of water with both hands and pour water over the head. 

3. While offering Arghya, keep intact and red flowers in the pot.

4. While offering Arghya to Surya Dev, keep in mind that water should not be splashed on your feet.

5. While giving water to the Surya Dev, your face should be in the east direction. While offering water, the rays of the sun should be visible in that stream.

6. Surya Mantras should be chanted while offering Arghya to the Surya Dev. 

7. Offering Arghya to Lord Surya every day keeps the family members healthy.

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