Chhattisgarh's Political Bloodshed: BJP Leader's Murder Raises Concerns
Chhattisgarh's Political Bloodshed: BJP Leader's Murder Raises Concerns

Raipur: In a disturbing turn of events, BJP leader Ratan Dubey was brutally murdered by Maoists in Chhattisgarh's insurgency-hit Narayanpur district on November 4. This grim incident occurred just before the first phase of polling in the state.

Ratan Dubey, who held the position of the Narayanpur Zilla Panchayat member, had arrived in Kaushalnar village to campaign for BJP candidate Kedar Kashyap, who is contesting against Congress's Chandan Kashyap. Tragically, after addressing a campaign rally, Dubey was shot and then subjected to a gruesome attack with sharp weapons, including axes and daggers, in the Dhaudai region.


Reports suggest that following the campaign, a cockfight took place near the campaign stage, drawing a significant crowd. Maoist attackers, cleverly disguised as villagers, started moving away from the crowd and began approaching the stage. Ratan Dubey, however, quickly identified them, disembarked from the stage, and attempted to flee. The commotion diverted everyone's attention from the cockfight to witness Dubey being pursued by several individuals brandishing firearms, daggers, and axes. The chase continued for several hundred meters until one of the assailants shot Ratan Dubey in the back. As he fell to the ground, injured, the Maoist attackers continued their assault with axes and daggers.

Significantly, this brutal murder occurred only ten days after the Maoists issued a threat to political candidates and their supporters, warning them "not to come seeking votes in Bastar."

In a statement following the incident, Sundarraj P, Inspector General of Police of Bastar range, stated, "At around 05:30 pm, Dubey had gone to Kaushalnar village for campaigning when he was attacked and killed with a sharp weapon by unidentified Maoists. After receiving information about the incident, police and security forces were sent to the spot, and the deceased's body is being brought to the district headquarters at Narayanpur."

Subsequently, Ratan Dubey's remains were brought to the District Hospital in Narayanpur.

Meanwhile, Chhattisgarh BJP in-charge Om Mathur commented, "While Ratan Dubey was chairing a meeting with the party workers in an interior village, he was attacked by the Naxals. I appeal to the party workers & leaders that we will take revenge for this by winning the elections. We are with his family... Target killings are happening continuously. This shows that the law & order situation in the state is worsening..."


Ratan Dubey's brutal murder follows the killing of BJP worker Birju Taram on October 20 by suspected Maoists in Sarkheda village, Mohla-Manpur-Ambagarh Chowki district.

It's important to note that Narayanpur is one of the 20 Assembly seats scheduled for election on November 7. The second phase of voting for the state assembly will take place on November 17, with results expected in December.

Amid these tragic events, questions arise about why Maoists are targeting opposition BJP leaders, even during election campaigns. Some wonder if there are political affiliations at play, with speculation regarding Maoist support for the ruling Congress party.

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