1716 Chinese Medical Staff infected with Corona Virus
1716 Chinese Medical Staff infected with Corona Virus

In China, the coronavirus is hurting health workers other than the public. This virus has started taking the cure. On Friday, 1,716 medical staff have also been infected with the coronavirus, China National Health Commission Vice-President Jen Zin (Zeng Yixin) said. This number is 3.8 percent of the total patients suffering from Coronavirus in the country. Six of these patients have died while the rest are under treatment. According to data from the National Health Commission, 1,380 people have died of coronavirus in China, while 64,894 confirmed infections.

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Regarding the virus, National Health Commission Deputy Director Jane Xin said that 1,502 medical staff have been reported to be infected from Hubei province, including 1,102 health workers from Wuhan who have been infected with the coronavirus. It is known that Wuhan is the place where coronavirus cases were first reported. The Provincial Health Commission said that 5,090 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Hubei on Thursday while 116 people died.

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According to the National Health Commission of China, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus has reached 64,894 with 5,090 new cases. The commission said that 3,095 people in Hubei have been confirmed to recover after treatment. According to the news agency Xinhua, the total confirmed cases in Hubei province reached 51,986 and with this, the total cases of coronavirus infection in the country have increased to 64,894. It is known that on Wednesday, a record of 242 people died in a single day due to the corona virus in the Hubei province of China.

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