India, Australia signed defense pact, China says , 'Try to surround us'
India, Australia signed defense pact, China says , 'Try to surround us'

Beijing: PM Narendra Modi and Australia's PM Scott Morrison signed a defense agreement last Thursday. This will help transform the bilateral relationship between the two countries into a comprehensive strategic partnership, which is why this agreement is considered important. Now that the India-China border dispute has deepened and there is a situation of tension, this agreement has also raised China's ears about Australia.

The Chinese media sees this as a strategy to encircle China. The 'Global Times', which tries to intimidate its military every day by showing power, has also got a deep shock and has described it as a strategy to surround China. He wrote that India is making deals with other countries to isolate Beijing. At the same time, he accused India that India wants to surround China on many fronts simultaneously.

Some Chinese experts believe that India and Australia have signed this agreement to counter China. China has not had a good relationship with Australia in recent times. Australia has so far relied on the US in defense and China on financial matters. Till now its tendency has been to go in coordination between the two countries. But, Australia is one of America's most important partners in the Asia-Pacific region.

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