Sino-US first-stage trade agreement concluded, Trump said this about Jinping
Sino-US first-stage trade agreement concluded, Trump said this about Jinping

Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping held a phone conversation with US President Donald Trump on Friday night. Trump said that the completion of the first phase of trade agreement between the US and China is good for both countries and even the whole world. Positive reactions have arisen in both the markets and in the world.

The US wants to sign and implement this agreement with China soon. Xi Jinping has said that China and the US have completed the agreement on the basis of equality and mutual respect. This is helpful for the peace and prosperity of China, America and the whole world. Jinping has stressed that Sino-US trade contributes to the economic development of the world.

The world has been integrated with modern economy and technology. China and America should respect each other's respect, sovereignty and central interests while maintaining cooperation. On this basis, the difficulties of the present time can be overcome and on new historical terms, the relationship between China and America can be carried forward, which will also benefit the countries of the whole world.

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