China calls Hong Kong protester 'dacoit', stabbing incident sparks controversy
China calls Hong Kong protester 'dacoit', stabbing incident sparks controversy

China's reaction has come after the pro-Beijing leader was stabbed in Hong Kong. China has condemned it in harsh words. China says this is a move affecting the local elections in Hong Kong. China said this is an election robbery. Hong Kong and Macau spokesperson Xu Luying said on Thursday that it was a serious criminal act, according to the Xinhua news agency. This is purely electoral violence. He said that it is the responsibility of the police to maintain the colonial system during the elections.

According to media reports, Junius Ho, a pro-Beijing politician in Hong Kong, was stabbed with knives by democracy supporters during the election campaign. He was severely injured in this attack. This incident is being linked to the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong for several months. After the video of this attack went viral, the case has caught fire. The police have arrested the attacker.

In this frightening viral video, the attacker is seen welcoming the first ho with flowers. He then insists on taking a picture with Ho. In the video, the attacker is shown removing a knife from a bag. After this, there is also the scene of hitting the chest with a knife. After the attack, Ho's supporters controlled the attacker. In this video, the attacker said that you are Junius. Three people including the attacker have been injured in this attack.

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