Video: Company feeds employees with the blood of living animal if targets are not met!

Aug 14 2019 05:21 PM
Video: Company feeds employees with the blood of living animal if targets are not met!

A wide range of videos go viral on social media and a very strange video from China has recently gone viral, which will surprise everyone. The Chinese company has claimed that the employee seems to be doing a better job after receiving such punishment. This allows them to punish them in a timely way.

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Actually, a Chinese company's target was not met, the company's owner sentenced office employees to tears. You'll also be shocked to hear how someone can do this. In case the target was not met, the company sentenced a dozen employees to drink live fish and chicken blood. A video of it has also gone viral, after which it is being discussed around the world. Watch the video here.

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In this viral video, a man can be seen telling dozens of personnel to take fish out of the bucket and eat. An employee of the company told the Chinese newspaper that the incident took place on August 4. The company forced 20 employees to drink fish and chicken blood, punishing them for not meeting the target.

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Moreover, the company official said that after the conviction, these employees would never commit such a mistake again in the future. Such punishment will motivate them to do a better job. Another employee of the company admitted that such an incident had taken place, but the employees had participated in it on their own.

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