China constructing road and 2nd village inside Bhutan, crosses India's red lines
China constructing road and 2nd village inside Bhutan, crosses India's red lines

China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) seems adamant to continue with the present standoff in eastern Ladakh beyond winters or much longer - possibly to tire out India. Satellite images showcases Beijing has continued the same stance all along the Tibet-India border. Earlier in March-June 2017, the Chinese PLA had carried out massive incursions to grab Bhutan’s territory in and around the Doklam plateau and also threatened India strategically. 

The satellite images from October 28, 2020, clearly shows that China has built a bridge across the Amo Chu river. The bridge located approximately 400m south of the new Pangda Phase-I village is about 40-45m long and about 6m wide. Even though the Indian Army had tried to stop the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) from advancing towards the Sharsingma or Yatung valley, the satellite images gives a clearly indication that China has yet again stabbed the international community in the back, especially Bhutan, by grabbing further land along the Amo Chu river, said the report.

The images also suggest that these PLA incursions might appear to be critical to Indian forces in Eastern Zone. Bhutan had rejected reports of the Chinese having established villages inside Bhutanese territory in Doklam. “There is no Chinese village inside Bhutan,” Bhutan’s envoy to India, Maj Gen Vetsop Namgyel, had told India Today. 

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