Coronavirus wreaks havoc in China, death toll reaches 813
Coronavirus wreaks havoc in China, death toll reaches 813

Beijing: The number of people who died of coronavirus in China has increased to 813 on Sunday, February 9, 2020. 91 people are reported dead on Sunday. The number of deaths due to coronavirus has exceeded the deaths due to the SARS virus about 20 years ago. SARS virus spread in 2003 and its patients were found in more than two dozen countries. Due to this, 774 people died. There were 2656 new cases of corona and in this way, the number of patients suffering from coronavirus increased to 37287.

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People in China are ready to return to work: It is also being said that people are ready to return to work in China after spending a long holiday in the Lunar New Year. Every year the Lunar New Year holidays were over by the end of January, but this time, in view of the epidemic, the Chinese government itself requested to extend the holidays.

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Silence in many cities due to factory and school closures and flight restrictions: For a long time, many cities in China, including Beijing and Shanghai, have started appearing in Bhutia due to the closure of factory and schools and the ban on flights. Beijing's stock market also appears completely desolate. Here the functioning has completely reduced. Investors are investing in gold, bonds, and the Japanese yen.

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Employees will work from home till 21 February: According to the information received, a large number of offices and schools will remain closed on Monday and employees will work from home. China has put on hold plans to resume production from Foxconn Technology Co Ltd, a supplier of phone maker Apple. Not only this, gaming company Tensen Holding Limited said on Sunday, February 9, 2020, that it has asked its employees to work from home till 21 February 2020. Schools in Hubei province will remain closed until March 1. In many other provinces, the school will remain closed till the end of February.

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