China Manifesto threatens India says, 'We will not leave one inch land'

Jun 06 2020 04:34 PM
China Manifesto threatens India says, 'We will not leave one inch land'

Beijing: The Corps Commander-level meeting on Saturday took place between India and China over a months-long border dispute in eastern Ladakh. A day before the meeting, the Chinese government has said in its mouthpiece that it will not leave even an inch. However, in the mouthpiece, Beijing stated that it wanted a good neighborly relationship with New Delhi.

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The article published in the Global Times said that China does not want to plunder India. Good-neighborly relations have been China's basic national policy over the past several decades and China follows a peaceful resolution of border disputes. We have no reason to make India our enemy. It clearly states that China will not leave even an inch of land. India entered the territory of China creating a strategic misunderstanding, but China never condemned it. However, China is forced to make a strong counter-protest.

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China said that we believe that India is well aware that China will not be harmed in any Sino-Indian Army operation along the border area. The newspaper said that India would enjoy a peaceful global environment with China-India cooperation. It says that if the two countries come face to face over the border dispute, the entire Himalayan region and the Indian subcontinent will become unstable by it. No external force will change it. Establishing peace and friendly cooperation with the border region will be beneficial for both countries.

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