After Corona this virus is now wreaking havoc, problem may increase
After Corona this virus is now wreaking havoc, problem may increase

Beijing: While Corona is causing havoc in China, a new problem has come to the fore, where there is news of a dangerous bird flu attack in a farm in Shuang Qing district of Hunan province, amid the havoc of the coronavirus, which is located on the southern border of Hubei province. Please tell that Hubei province is the centre of the coronavirus. 304 people have died due to this dangerous virus, while more than 14 thousand cases have been reported.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, there are 7,850 chickens in this farm and 4,500 have died. However, no human has been reported to be affected by H5N1 yet. The outbreak of bird flu has come at a time when Chinese authorities are struggling to stop the spread of coronavirus.

China banned travel: For your information let us tell you that China has banned travel in view of Lunar New Year. It has affected 56 million people in about a dozen cities. During Lunar New Year, millions of Chinese people travel, in such a situation the spread of this virus may increase. This ban has been imposed for this fear.

World Health Organization declared Global Health Emergency: It is also being said that cases of this virus have been reported in many countries around the world including Australia, France, USA and India. Health officials from all over the world are engaged in dealing with this global epidemic. Many countries are engaged in bringing back their people from China. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global health emergency in the wake of the coronavirus.

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