China's official entry for Oscars is Sonu Sood's Xuanzang
China's official entry for Oscars is Sonu Sood's Xuanzang

Think Big to Achieve Big, this is proved by actor Sonu Sood. The time counts big for him as his debut Chinese film, Xuanzang along with B-Town beauties Neha Sharma and Mandana Karimi is the official entry in Oscars from China.

The film Xuanzang also has been named China's official pick for the 89th Academy Awards, on which Sonu said, "When I started shooting the film, I spent a year in China on and off. I knew I was getting to be part of history. The film had a star-studded premiere in Bejing and those who attended spoke highly of the movie. It is a special film and only China could have made it on such a grand scale. The China Film Group Corporation (CFGC)'s infrastructure allows them to make such massive productions."

Sonu is playing King Harshavardhan in the film, "Finally, there was someone who could envision India as something more than what Slumdog Millionaire showed. My mother was a history teacher and as a kid, I had learnt about the gracious King Harsha. But, playing the character was enthralling. The most important lesson that this film and my next one with Jackie Chan have taught me was that while whipping up grandeur on screen, one must also take detailing into account. This was a difficult subject to create and in between the script and research, we truly ended up making an authentic historical film," Sonu added further.

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