China surprised by this amazing act of Indian citizen, Photos went viral
China surprised by this amazing act of Indian citizen, Photos went viral

In our country, people have been taking the help of yoga since ancient times to keep themselves healthy. Yoga not only gives good exercise to the muscles of our body, but it also helps in keeping our mind calm. Although many news are heard daily about the benefits of yoga, but an Indian diplomat of the United Nations has done such a feat through yoga in China, due to which he has become a topic of discussion.

Exercising in sub-zero temperatures is possible with yoga:  The news that Siddharth Chatterjee, the head of the United Nations in China, is going viral on Chinese social media these days. The reason for going viral is that he has exercised in sub-zero temperatures and has also done many difficult yoga exercises. Siddharth Chatterjee says that exercise helped in maintaining physical and mental balance in such low temperatures.

Documentary on the benefits of deep breathing yoga: Reports say that United Nations Resident Coordinator for China Siddharth Chatterjee had recently released a documentary on the benefits of deep breathing yoga, in which he told That this is going to help in providing immunity from viruses like Covid.

Breathing for Good Health: Not only this, the title of Siddharth Chatterjee's 4 and a half minute documentary is 'Breathing for Good Health'. The documentary begins with the pronunciation of 'Om'. It can be seen in the video that Siddharth is seen sitting shirtless on a thin bed on a frozen lake in the cold Beijing weather.

Video of doing yoga in snow goes viral in China: After which Siddharth does deep breathing exercise after moving his stomach in and out. After churning the stomach, Siddhartha does the rigorous practice of Shirshasana. If reports are to be believed, the video of Siddharth Chatterjee doing yoga in snow has gone viral on social media in China.

When we come into the world, the first thing we do is to breathe: Not only this, Siddharth does exercise in his documentary, "When we come into the world, the first thing we do is to breathe and when we leave the world, the last thing we do is to breathe." We stop breathing."

Defeated diseases with yoga:  60-year-old Siddharth Chatterjee has said that when he was appointed as the chief diplomat of the United Nations in China in 2020, he was suffering from high cholesterol, high BP and high heart rate. Along with pre-diabetes, he was struggling with the problem of obesity.

Lost 25 kg weight through yoga: He has informed that due to fast breathing, fasting and staying in cold, he completely improved his health along with normal BP. He has also lost 25 kg of weight through yoga, which helped him achieve physical and mental balance.

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