China will be world's richest country in a year, know how
China will be world's richest country in a year, know how

Beijing: China is going to become world's richest due to Coronavirus? These types of discussions have started happening in all the countries of the world with great speed. Due to coronavirus in European countries including America, Japan, India, the situation of lockdown will continue for several months. At the same time, China has started exporting coronavirus on a large scale, including medical supplies, all over the world.

Chinese companies are aggressively coming forward in helping most countries around the world to deal with coronavirus infection. Due to the lockdown Kim, all the countries of the world are facing economic crisis. In such a situation, China is going ahead and expanding its trade business in countries around the world. Among the countries of the whole world, China is the only country which has come out to help the countries of the world, beyond the scope of lockdown and infection of coronavirus.

Except for China in the field of global trade, America is a developed country in Europe and a developing country in which the countries of South Africa, Latin America, South Asia and ASEAN are completely dependent on China. Coronavirus, which started from China, has caught the countries of the whole world in financial crisis. At the same time, a new opportunity has opened for China on the economic and strategic front. Now it is being said that within 1 year China will become the richest country in the world.

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