When the daughter was bitten, father ate the crab alive and then...
When the daughter was bitten, father ate the crab alive and then...

Nowadays many shocking cases keep coming up. The case that has come up now is also shocking. In fact, in this case, when the daughter was bitten by the crab, a person ate the live crab to take revenge. In this case, it is also being told that the person has become seriously ill due to eating crab. He had to make rounds of the hospital. This is the case with China. According to a report, 39-year-old Lu, a resident of China's eastern coastal province, had eaten a live crab.

Yes, and doctors said that two months after the incident, he had to be admitted to the hospital after complaining of back pain. At the same time, Lu's medical reports showed pathology changes in his chest, stomach, liver and digestive system. However, the reasons behind these changes could not be ascertained then. Dr Cao Qian, director of the digestive systems department at Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital in Hangzhou, said, "We have asked him many times whether you have eaten some strange thing, which can cause allergies. He kept saying no every time.''

At the same time, when Lu's wife told him that he had eaten something special, then the secret was revealed. Dr Cao said- "I asked him Why did you eat live crab?'' In response, he said, "I wanted to avenge my daughter." Dr Cao further said that when they were crossing a small river, the man's daughter was bitten by a crab. This made the person angry. Lu's blood tests revealed that he had three parasitic infections. It is caused by eating raw meat. However, now the person is fine, although doctors have forbidden people to eat live crab.

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