Chinese toys become danger for children's health, fails in safety test
Chinese toys become danger for children's health, fails in safety test

New Delhi: Recently, cheap toys of Made in China have taken over the local markets. These toys can threaten the health of children. The question of health hazards from Chinese toys has arisen after a recent study. According to this study, many dangerous things, including dangerous metals, are used to make Made in China toys. The Quality Council of India (QCI), jointly established by the central government and Indian industry, has conducted this study. It was found that most of the toys manufactured by China did not meet Indian safety standards and these toys have been described as bad for children's health.

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Toys will be investigated: Based on the report from the media, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) alerted the Customs Department by issuing a notification. Now, samples are being tested from each container before allowing these toys to enter the Indian markets for sale.

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Examination of seven types of toys: Ravi P. Singh, Secretary-General of Quality Council of India (QCI), said that all 7 types of toys did not meet Indian safety standards in the investigation. All these toys were of Chinese origin. However, banning all imports is not the solution. We need to create an environment where imported goods are better in quality and can meet consumer demands and have not adversely affected the health of a child.

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'Made in China' toys, which have failed in safety testing in the past: The Center is looking at the measures currently being taken to check the quality of health and safety of many other products being imported into India. This is not the first time that the toys of 'Made in China' have not met the safety standards. Earlier in the year 2009, their imports have been banned for some time.

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