Assam-Mizoram border dispute cannot be resolved in a day, says CM Himanta Sarma

Guwahati: Referring to the restoration of peace along the border with Mizoram, Assam CM Hemant Biswa Sarma on Monday said the decades-old border dispute between the states cannot be resolved in a day as it is a very complex issue. Referring to the border dispute being pre-British, Sarma said in an interview that Assam is also in talks with other states and blamed the previous Congress governments for not clearly determining the borders while forming new states.

Six Assam Police personnel were killed in a violent clash between Assam and Mizoram policemen last month over a border dispute, following which clashes between the two states escalated again. Sarma, who is on a four-day visit to the country's capital Delhi from Saturday, met PM Narendra Modi on Monday. Himanta Sarma said, "Mizoram has been demanding inner forest cover based on the notification issued by the British in 1870.''

Himanta Sarma said the situation in Assam is that there is a constitutional boundary and Mizoram is talking about the historic border. Assam is protecting its constitutional limits. However, he said the issue between the two states has now been resolved.

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