CM Nitish Kumar is relieved of the questions of Anand Mohan's release!
CM Nitish Kumar is relieved of the questions of Anand Mohan's release!

Patna: The way has been cleared for the release of former MP and Bahubali Anand Mohan Singh. This has become possible due to the decision of the Nitish government, in which major amendments have been made in the Bihar Jail Manual 2012. On Monday, the Bihar government has also issued a notification for the release of Anand Mohan. Meanwhile, questions regarding the release of Anand Mohan are also being raised fiercely, but it seems as if Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is not bothered at all about these questions. That's why CM Nitish reached to participate in the engagement of Anand Mohan's son on Tuesday after being relieved of these questions. 

Let us inform that in the year 1994, the then District Magistrate of Gopalganj G. Krishnaiah was killed by the mob. Anand Mohan is accused of inciting the mob to commit the murder. On the other hand, regarding his release, Anand Mohan says that people will keep saying whatever they want. Talking to reporters, the former MP said that I will return to jail again after all the rituals related to the son are over here. After this, when the order of release comes, then I will invite all of you. The former MP said that I have spent 15 years in jail and my release has been done after seeing my good behavior under the jail rules.

Let us tell you that on April 10, the Grand Alliance government of Bihar had made amendments in the Bihar Jail Manual, 2012. Under this, the clause related to the murder of a public servant posted on duty was removed, under which such a convict could not get concession in jail sentence. Its advantage went to Bahubali leader Anand Mohan, who had a lot of influence on the voters of his caste. Mohan is currently in jail in connection with the murder of 1985 batch IAS G Krishnaiah, the then District Magistrate of Gopalganj. He was originally a resident of Mahbubnagar which now falls in Telangana. This massacre was carried out on 5 December 1994 in Muzaffarpur.

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