CM Yogi's instruction to police, 'if mobile is seen in place of a stick in the hand of a soldier ....'

Lucknow: CM Yogi Adityanath has taken a strict form regarding the law and order of UP. He has given strict instructions to the police once again in the review meeting. He said in clear words that looting and snatching incidents should not happen in the markets on the occasion of the festival. Police patrol should be better, Dial 100 vehicles should constantly travel in sensitive areas. This information was given by Mr Yoganjun Kumar, Media Advisor to CM Yogi.

CM Yogi has said that the police constable should have a stick instead of a mobile. CM Yogi said that it has been seen many times that while on duty, the constable is engrossed in social media on mobile. He has instructed the police officers that every constable must have a stick in his hand. If this is not the case, strict action should be taken against the constable.

For this, CM Yogi also patted the back of the officials and said that I want to congratulate the administration and police officers that they got the festival of Navratri and Dussehra done better. He said that festivals and festivals are not just events, but they also show the efficiency of governance and administration. At the same time, with the positive support of the administration and the police, the festival and festival can be done safely.

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