CM Yogi in Jaunpur said to create Imarti as the brand of the city

Sep 27 2020 04:58 PM
CM Yogi in Jaunpur said to create Imarti as the brand of the city

Jaunpur: Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath reached Jaunpur on Saturday to sign the bye-election on eight seats. Because of this, he also stressed on the Samajwadi Party government. In his address, he spoke of terming Imarti sweet as the brand in the city in front of the whole world. 

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Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that there was a time when the city was identified with Imarti and perfume. The taste of Imarti of Jaunpur is famous in the world. Similarly, Jaunpur was also known all over India for perfume with a good fragrance. Thereafter, the identity of Jaunpur was linked to radish and maize. The radish of Jaunpur was appreciated at the exhibition at the state headquarter in the erstwhile Samajwadi Party government.

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Then, from Radish to Jaunpur, it was identified. In his address, the CM again stressed on the need to link the identity of Jaunpur with the same as emergent and perfume. He said that it will be branded to advance the sweetness of Imarti. The government will help it to reach its flavor throughout the country and the world. Similarly, the perfume industry will also be renewed. The chief minister said that the perfume industry of Jaunpur is older than Kannauj. This identity will be returned. At the same time, the CM has intensified the pace of development works of the State.

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