Cold milk helps to get soft and glowing skin, Know its benefits

Sep 20 2019 09:08 PM
Cold milk helps to get soft and glowing skin, Know its benefits

It is said that you can get better sleep after drinking lukewarm milk. It is an effective natural remedy for cold. But we are going to tell you that only a few people know about the benefits of cold milk. Drinking cold milk gives instant relief from acidity while applying it on your face makes your skin soft. Here are some of the benefits of cold milk.

Relief from acidity
To avoid irritation in the stomach during acidity, drinking cold milk is very beneficial. Milk contains lactic acid which calms down the stomach acidity. In addition, the high amount of calcium present in it prevents acid formation and absorbs excess acid. Mix two spoons of Isabgol in cold milk and drink after eating it. This will not cause acidity.

Helpful in digestion
Cold milk contains carminative elements that help in digestion. With this help, the fat stored inside the food pipe is also cleaned. If you want to use milk to improve digestion, then add ginger or black pepper to it.

Natural face cleanser
The lactic acid elements present in milk exfoliate the skin. It improves blood circulation and removes excess oil from the skin.

Method of use

Soak cotton in cold milk.

Clean your face with this and leave it like that for five minutes.

Now wash with cold water.

Clean your face every day with cold milk in this way.

Also, make a paste by mixing papaya in cold milk. Apply this paste on the face. It removes dead cells.

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