Straighten hair without damaging it, here are amazing tips

Sep 20 2019 08:52 AM
Straighten hair without damaging it, here are amazing tips

Nowadays the phase of straightening hair is going on. Many times you get upset due to your curly hair and want to straighten them. But going to the parlor loses the shine of her hair. If you want to straighten your hair, we can straighten your hair without going to the parlor. Know that you can straighten hair without damaging it.

1. Milk is a very good solution for straightening hair, but applying honey to the hair provides good nutrition to the head as well as it makes it easier to manage rough and curly hair and hair starts straightening.

2. Coconut oil can be used to straighten hair. Grind fresh coconut and add lemon and massage, it also keeps the shine.

3. Aloe vera is very beneficial for our hair. Mix the aloe vera gels in half a cup of hot oil and prepare the mixture. Now apply this mixture well in your hair. Keep it for some time, it works as a conditioner.

4. Take two or three eggs, take out the white part of these eggs and put them in a cup and mix two tablespoons of curd in it. And apply this paste in hair and keep it for 30 minutes. Then wash the hair after. This mixture helps in straightening the hair.

5. Mix equal quantity of water in half a glass of milk. Apply this mixture in hairs and keep it for about half an hour, then wash the hairs with clean water. This mixture will help in straightening your hair.

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