Collector asks Revenue officials to take action against land-grabbers

Andhra Pradesh - Visakhapatnam: According to a news release, Visakhapatnam Area Collector Dr A Mallikarjuna urged Revenue Department personnel to take stern action against frequent land encroachers in the district in recent times. RDOs, tahsildars, and zonal commissioners in the district met via video conference with the Collector.

The Collector remarked on the occasion that, whatever the reasons, there have been reports in the press in recent times that government land has been routinely encroached upon in the surrounding areas of Visakhapatnam city, according to a press release.

Tahsildars were questioned about why the occupations were occurring despite the fact that they were providing housing to all qualifying poor people.

Despite having multiple revenue officers at the secretariat level, he bemoaned the invasion of government land. He said that the VRVO was aware of the land grab. Despite the warning boards, he was enraged by the aggressive behaviour. If the occupiers are obligated to take criminal action against the occupiers, the PD Act should be enforced.

To clear the encroachments, he stated a special task group involving the tahsildar, planning officer, and police personnel would be formed. VRVOs, he stated, should be thoroughly aware of the village's lands and their status, and should intervene before encroachments.

The VRVO should bear entire responsibility for land grabs, Joint Collector M Venugopalareddy said. Any lands must be inspected by 22 Tasildars on a regular basis. GVMC Commissioner Laxmisha, DRVO Srinivasamoorthy, Chief Planning Officer Vidyullatha, District Registrar Srinivasa Rao, and others were present at the meeting.

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