Common home remedies to try for cold feet and palms

In winters we usually call for snuggling in the blanket, sipping on some hot cocoa and enjoying. Staying in the blankets for long hours and only getting out once si what we dream of as we are all warm, cosy and comfortable in that state.

When it comes to warmth, there are some people whose feet and palm stay cold even after staying in the blanket for hours. It usually happens because of multiple reasons.  Our feet and palm tend to get colder when the oxygen and blood reaching our palms and feet is not enough. It happens due to poor blood circulation.

Not only winters but sometimes feeling too cold can also be a symptom of various health issues like anaemia, restless leg syndrome, nerve damage, diabetes, etc. If you are someone who always feels colder than others, then maybe you should consider going to the doctor.

Nevertheless, if it’s something that doesn't happen always but during the time of winters.  Massage your palms and feet with warm oil. Massaging not only improves the blood circulation in the body, but it also helps to restore warmth in your feet and palms. 

Having a bath with Epsom salt is also a great option. Soak your feet and palm in hot water with Epsom salt in it. The heat of the water will give your feet the warming effect, and the Epsom salt will provide your body with magnesium. 

Iron deficiency is one of the most common causes of anaemia. Include food items rich in iron like dates, soybean, spinach, apples, dried apricots, olives and beetroots in your daily diet. 

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