Companies centralising health, immunity, work from home, digitisation themes for Diwali gifts
Companies centralising health, immunity, work from home, digitisation themes for Diwali gifts

Diwali is one of the occasion where corporates extend gifts as a sign of appreciation of their contribution to the employees and clients. With health at the top priority than ever, corporates are creating Covid-19 centric gift packages, filled with immunity-boosting products. Another gift trend is gifts that help to ease work from home.  

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Immunity boosting teas, ayurvedic products, honey, Vitamin C supplements tops the list. In Sweet variety, only branded and packaged sweets are now preferred. Oily snacks are evicted. Arvind Mediratta, MD & CEO of Metro Cash & Carry said, "There is a shift towards snacking but healthier snacks. People are gifting a lot of dry fruits, almonds, pistachios. This is different from the typical gifting of namkeens that we would see in the past. So people are choosing healthier snacking options. There is also demand for juices which are considered healthier in comparison to aerated drinks which used to be preferred earlier". 

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The pre-paid gift card service provider Qwikcilver, newer categories gift cards like insurance, digital entertainment, self-learning & health & wellness are preferred by the large number of clients. OTT gift cards are also in great demand. "Now there is lot of preference for anything to do with digital content, OTT gift cards are in demand. There are corporates which have created packages that are Covid-19 centric to enable people to work from home, anything to do with health, insurance," said Kumar Sudarsan, President, Qwikcilver. 

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