Concept-i: Toyota's Artificial Intelligence Self-driving car

Japanese carmaker Toyota has announced that the company is building Ai or Artificial Intelligence-based technology that can understand the feelings of human beings. In this sequence, Toyota recently introduced a car model of the Concept-i series, which will be unveiled at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. 

Toyota is trying to make these cars with artificial intelligence and wants it to run on the road by 2020. In a way, Toyota's cars will be far ahead of the machine because they have direct emotional connect with drivers or passenger. 

Concept-i is a 4-seater concept model that will understand the passenger or driver's mood and its individual needs. This car will understand the passenger or driver's emotions from the tone of expression, action, and voice, and then accordingly, the apparatus will be accordingly.

Toyota claims that the car will have the ability at Autonomous mode to disassemble itself according to the way. Not only this, by understanding the passenger's mood, the AC will do more or less itself. If the driver is under stress and is not in the mood to drive, then the car will understand it and will be in self-driving mode. Toyota has earlier introduced two other vehicles under the Concept-i series. 

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