Conflict between Russia Ukraine: 137 killed, 316 injured so far
Conflict between Russia Ukraine: 137 killed, 316 injured so far

Kiev: A day after Russia invaded Ukraine, Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a television speech that 137 civilians and military personnel had been killed and 316 injured. He goes on to say that he doesn't see anyone willing to fight alongside Ukraine and wonders if there is any country that can guarantee Ukraine membership in NATO.

"Today we have lost 137 of our heroes, our citizens," Zelensky said. "Civilians and military personnel." "Who is willing to fight beside us?" he continued. I don't think I've seen anyone. Who is willing to ensure Ukraine's NATO membership? Everyone is frightened."

He went on to say that Russian "sabotage groups" had penetrated Kyiv's capital, and asked locals to be careful and adhere to curfews. More than 1,700 people were detained by Russian police during anti-war protests in dozens of locations after Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops to invade Ukraine.

As per reports, Russian military have also taken control of the Chernobyl nuclear power facility, according to Mykhalio Podolyak, a Ukrainian presidential adviser. "It is difficult to say today that the Chernobyl nuclear power station is safe after a completely meaningless Russian strike," he stated.

"This is one of the most significant threats in Europe today," he added. On Thursday, Russian troops grabbed control of the power plant, as Ukrainian forces attacked them from three directions after Russia launched a land, air, and sea assault.

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