Dr. Kapil Khan will join congress or SP ?
Dr. Kapil Khan will join congress or SP ?

Lucknow: Even though the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections are yet to be one and a half years away, the political capacity has started to be laid. Dr. Kapil Khan, who has become the face of protest against CM Yogi Adityanath, has become very popular among the Muslim community in the  these days. The political party is looking forward to bringing Dr. Kapil Khan in their team, and the Congress and the SP are looking to race in this exercise.

Dr. Kapil Khan may be holding political talks with the Congress party and his leaders after he was released from the Mathura jail on the Allahabad high court order, but Dr. Kapil is not yet willing to open his political cards. He also thanked Congress party's national general secretary Priyanka Gandhi as well as SP President Akhilesh Yadav during a press conference in Jaipur on Thursday.

Congress leaders have taken Dr. Kapil Khan from the gate of Mathura jail to Jaipur. Not only that, Kapil Khan is also in touch with Priyanka Vadra. On the advice of Priyanka Gandhi, she has arrived in Rajasthan, where the Congress government is led by CM Gehlot. Kapil Khan himself is also trying to say that Priyanka Gandhi has helped him and he has come to Jaipur at his behest. He said that Rajasthan has a Congress government, so we can stay safe here. Our family looks like this because if you go to Uttar Pradesh, we will be booked and then put in jail.

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