Congress Leader Demands Creation of Five Deputy CM Posts in Karnataka

Bangalore: In a recent development in Karnataka's political landscape, members of the Congress party have made significant demands for the creation of additional Deputy Chief Minister (DyCM) positions. The first to voice this proposal was Karnataka Congress Minister K.N. Rajanna, who advocated for three more DyCM posts. Following suit, another Congress MLA and a staunch follower of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Basavaraja Rayareddy, went a step further by requesting the creation of five DyCM posts.

Rayareddy argued that DyCM D.K. Shivakumar currently holds the principal DyCM position, but additional opportunities should be created regionally and district-wise. He emphasized the importance of providing these opportunities to candidates from various communities, including Lingayat, Muslim, and Dalit backgrounds. According to Rayareddy, this move would garner support from a broader range of communities for the Congress party.

He clarified that his support for this demand aligned with Minister Rajanna's call for three additional DyCM posts. Rayareddy also dispelled any notion that this proposal aimed to weaken the position of the current DyCM, Shivakumar, whom he praised as a skilled organizer. Instead, he suggested that Shivakumar remain the principal DyCM, with others holding subordinate roles.

Rayareddy asserted that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah would complete his full five-year term, as mandated by the high command when he assumed office. Despite the statements from Minister Rajanna and himself, Rayareddy believed that the Congress-led government under Siddaramaiah's leadership was stable and strong.

However, these statements from Minister Rajanna and Rayareddy have sparked controversy within the Congress party. Minister Rajanna emphasized the need for three Deputy CM posts to ensure a stable government and bolster the party's chances in Lok Sabha elections. He clarified that his proposal was made in the party's best interest and was not influenced by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. He also refuted claims that Shivakumar's prominence would diminish with the appointment of additional DyCMs.

This debate over the creation of more Deputy Chief Minister positions has generated discussions about the political dynamics within the Congress party in Karnataka.

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