Congress Proposal Sparks Debate: Mysore Airport Considered for Tipu Sultan's Name
Congress Proposal Sparks Debate: Mysore Airport Considered for Tipu Sultan's Name

Bangalore: The Congress party in Karnataka has once again expressed its admiration for Tipu Sultan, with Congress MLA Prasad Abbayya proposing the renaming of Mysore Airport in honor of the King. Abbayya, who represents the Hubli-Dharwad (East) seat, made the proposal in the Assembly, advocating for the airport to be named "Tipu Sultan Airport."

The proposal extends to other airports, with Abbayya suggesting the renaming of Hubli airport to Sangolli Rayanna, Belagavi airport to Kittur Rani Chennamma, Shivamogga airport to Rashtrakavi Kuvempu, and Vijaypur airport to Jagajyoti Basavanna. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is actively considering these recommendations and forwarding them to the Central Government.

However, the proposal faced strong opposition from the BJP, leading to a heated debate in the Assembly. BJP leaders argued that Tipu Sultan could never serve as a role model for Hindus, emphasizing his controversial historical character and perceived cruelty as a ruler. The debate surrounding Tipu Sultan's legacy has once again ignited political tension in Karnataka.

The Congress party's attempt to depict Tipu Sultan as a freedom fighter has been met with criticism, especially considering the recorded cruelty in history. Tipu Sultan is infamous for his atrocities against Hindus and Christians, including the kidnapping of Brahmins and daughters of kings for forced conversion, regular torture of Christians, destruction of temples and churches, and widespread violence against Hindus.

Historical references, including Joel Nathan's 'Moon-o-theism, Volume II,' highlight Tipu Sultan's actions, such as making thousands of Christians walk long distances, distributing women and girls among his army, and destroying temples and churches in Calicut, as documented by British government official and writer William Logan in 'Malabar Manual.'

In 2016, the Karnataka High Court raised questions about the appropriateness of celebrating Tipu Sultan's birth anniversary with public funds. The BJP, upon assuming power, had banned the celebration of Tipu Sultan's birth anniversary, leading to a legal dispute. The then Chief Justice Subhro Kamal Mukherjee emphasized that Tipu Sultan was not a freedom fighter but a king protecting self-interest by fighting against enemies. The ongoing debate surrounding Tipu Sultan's legacy continues to be a source of political contention in Karnataka.

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