Consume this tea in summer, the body will be refreshed

William Ewart Gladstone, the 19th former PM of the United Kingdom, said, “If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are hot, it is going to cool you down.” In a country like India where tea is common everywhere. And when there is a chance to sip a hot cup of thick, milky, sugary 'chai', when the temperature reaches record highs, probably the last word on most people's mind will be tea. Accustomed to traditional tastes, its experts are engaged in trying and tasting many unique teas that cool and refresh the body.

Buransh tea or rhododendron tea is one such drink that is very popular in the northern areas around Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim. This tea is made from the dried petals of ruddy red rhododendron flowers that bloom in the cool hills of the Himalayan region from late March to May. Buransh tea is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, besides aiding in digestion, fighting allergies and improving lung health.


The petals of rhododendron flowers are also hand-picked, then sun-dried and boiled in water with sugar. Before filtering and serving, tulsi leaves and some green tea are also added to enhance the taste. On the micro-blogging platform Ku App, Uttarakhand Tourism put up a post of Buransh Chai and wrote - "Love at first sip!" Buransh tea can be had as a cold or hot drink at any time of the day. Like this 'flowery' blend, 'Frutti' iced tea is increasingly attracting tea lovers this summer. Especially apple and grapefruit iced tea, which are also known for their antioxidant boost. The India Tea Board asked koo users about their tea preferences - "What is your favorite flavor of iced tea?" This process reduces any bitterness due to tannins, making this blend a great addition and a great substitute for soda drinks. In a tea-drinking country, where per capita consumption is around 750 grams per year, the refreshing new concoction is slowly making it the favorite drink for tea drinkers, especially Millennials, who love the unique Eager to experiment and improve upon seasonal and local drinks.


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