''There will be incidents of murder like Nagaland in Punjab too, stay tuned…'' Says Farooq Abdullah

Jammu: In Jammu, the case against National Conference president Farooq Abdullah's centre is still unresolved. He has now accused the central government of bringing up the BSF issue. He has stated that he believes he has a majority and that he can accomplish anything. Why did the Punjab government surrender over 50 kilometres of territory to the BSF? Is it because their cops are unable to keep it under control? There will be a war comparable to the one in Nagaland.

"We have never raised any slogan against India," Farooq Abdullah went on to say. Pakistanis is another name for us. Khalistani was another name for me. We (Mahatma) are following in Gandhi's footsteps and wish to restore Gandhi's India. Farooq Abdullah, speaking at a one-day seminar at Sher-e-Kashmir Bhawan yesterday, claimed that the problems are becoming worse now that Article 370 has been repealed.


'The Centre will get out of its head till it realises,' he added, adding that Jammu & Kashmir has always been on the verge of breaking out of a tough period. Now we have to backtrack our steps in order to reclaim our rights. May the people's pleasure be returned to them. The water must have reached the top of the Centre's head when it understands our statements. We've been referred to as Pakistanis, although none of our party members have ever raised a slogan against the nation. I've never thrown a grenade or picked up a stone, but people who claim to be able to minimise the distance between the heart and Delhi should be able to demonstrate whether the distance has risen or reduced.

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