Cop gets arrested in the States as he was held working for China
Cop gets arrested in the States as he was held working for China

The rift between the US and China is evident after the corona pandemic. US authorities have recently charged a Tibetan man working as a New York police officer with reconnaissance, blaming him for gathering information about the city’s Tibetan community for the Chinese government. The officer, who worked at a station in the Queens section of the city, was instructed by members of the Chinese consulate in New York, as per the indictment released Monday. Through his contacts with the Tibetan community, the 33-year-old man gathered information between 2018 and 2020 on the community’s activities, as well as identified potential information sources.

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As per the closed sources, the man is also an official in the US Army Reserve and he allowed members of the Chinese government to attend events organized by the New York Police Department. The Chinese authorities supposedly paid him ten thousand dollars for his service. The officer has been filed with four counts, including enlisting in the service of a foreign country on US soil, misrepresentation and obstructing the operation of public service.

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As an execution, he was brought before a judge Monday and taken into custody, a spokesperson for the Brooklyn federal prosecutor told a leading press. According to the NYPD, he is currently barred without any pay. Born in China, the man was granted political asylum in the US, alleging that he was tortured by Chinese authorities because of his Tibetan ethnicity. The investigation further revealed, however, that both of his parents were members of the Chinese Communist Party. 

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