Corona cases increase in America even before election, Know figures

Oct 30 2020 02:42 PM
Corona cases increase in America even before election, Know figures

Washington: Presidential elections are due in the US on November 3. Just before this, there has been a tremendous increase in cases of Covid in America. In the last 24 hours, more than 90 thousand cases of corona have been reported in America. According to the Reuters tally, in a single day in the US, Corona has recorded more than 91 thousand cases. The number of hospitalized patients has increased in many states of America. The virus is also spreading rapidly to record levels in Europe, France and Germany. After this, a nationwide lockdown has been announced this week. Covid had the highest number of 84,169 cases registered on 23 October in the US. India has recorded the highest number of cases in a single day so far in the world. In India, 97,894 cases were reported in a single day on 17 September.

In the US, average cases of Covid over the past 7 days have been increasing since the beginning of September, having crossed 60,000 since October 22. According to a CNN report, at least 10% more cases are reported in 41 states compared to the first week. During this period, the death toll from Covid in the US was 1060 on Wednesday. According to CDC data, on an average, about 800 people per day die.

With the new figures, the total number of corona cases in the US has increased to 89 lakh 43 thousand 577. The death toll from Corona has increased to 2 lakh 28 thousand 636. A nationwide lockdown has been announced to curb the second wave of Corona in France. President Macron Emanuel announced that the lockdown, which is taking place in the country for the second time since Friday, will remain in effect until December 1. This stern action has been taken as the Covid wreaks havoc in this European country. Similar steps have been taken in Germany to prevent infection. However, Britain has again refused to impose lockdown.

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