More than 1.7 million new cases found worldwide: WHO
More than 1.7 million new cases found worldwide: WHO

Geneva: WHO reported that the spread of Covid-19 is continuing, but the epidemic is slowing down in the rest of the world except in Southeast Asia and the eastern Mediterranean. Except for these areas, there is a decrease in the number of new cases and deaths globally. America is the most affected by the pandemic in the world. After which, Brazil and India are the most affected. According to data from the news agency Reuters, the global figure of corona-infected people has exceeded 2.36 million. Whereas more than 8 lakh 11 thousand lives have been lost lives in the whole world.

WHO said on Monday that more than 17 lakh new cases were found in the world last week and 39 thousand deaths were reported. In comparison to the week before, there has been a decline of 4 percent in new cases and 12 percent in death figures. Whereas in South East Asia, a 28 percent rise in new cases and 15 percent jump in death has been recorded. Most of these cases are coming up in India.

It has been learned that the infection is increasing in Nepal at a fast pace. In the eastern Mediterranean region, an increase of 4 percent has been reported in new cases. However, the number of deaths due to COVID continues to decline. Lebanon, Tunisia and Jordan have seen the highest increase in new cases coming to the region.

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