China and Pakistan are trying to execute a dangerous conspiracy together
China and Pakistan are trying to execute a dangerous conspiracy together

Islamabad: China and Pakistan are making terrible preparation. They have been testing terrible microbes since 2015 to make biological weapons. This deadly plan is being carried out under the cover of the Sino-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC). Wuhan Institute of Virology in China has been blamed for this work due to the controversy surrounding the origin of Covid-19.

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According to the report of Klaxon, the team of scientists of Wuhan Institute along with Pakistan are thinking about experimenting on deadly microbes. This test has been done in Pakistan for the last 5 years. Last month, it was revealed that China and Pakistan have signed a confidential agreement for 3 years to increase the capacity of biological weapons. 5 studies conducted by Wuhan Institute and Pakistani scientists have been published in Scientific Papers. In every study, zoonotic microbes have been identified and details about their symptoms have been given.

These germs are contagious, which will pass from animals to humans. West Nile virus, Mars-Corona virus, Crimea-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus, thrombocytopenia syndrome and chikungunya virus have also been linked in these studies. At present, there is no effective treatment or vaccine to get rid of these microbes. Many of these viruses are said to be extremely deadly and contagious.

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What is CPEC: Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) are making ambitious plans for China. CPEC project is under construction under BRI itself. Under this billion-dollar project, Pakistan's Gwadar port is going to be connected to China's Xinjiang region.

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