Corona: Death of a young man who was going to home by foot

Mar 29 2020 08:02 PM
Corona: Death of a young man who was going to home by foot

The country has been locked-down to prevent the spread of Corona. Due to this, daily wage workers have left the house on foot. During this, many of his troubles have to be faced. In this way, daily wage laborers living in Delhi set out towards their homes. During this time, a 39-year-old boy who went from Delhi to Badfra village in Morena, Madhya Pradesh, died in Sinkadara, Agra.

The name of the young man is being told as Ranveer. He left Delhi with his companions at three in the evening. At six in the evening, he spoke to his sister on the phone and said that I have come to Faridabad, I will reach home soon. On Saturday morning his companions went ahead and he died on the roadside in Sikandra Thanh area at 6:30 am. Before death, Ranveer had walked 200 kilometers. The relatives are giving hunger and thirst to the cause of death, while Sikandra Police Station Kuldeep Singh says that the post mortem report has stated the cause of death as heart attack. According to reports, Ranveer Singh's son Ramlal used to do tiffin delivery in a hotel in Delhi.

The hotel owner had discharged him due to the lockdown. So he left for the village with his colleagues. Around 6:30 am on Saturday morning, Ranveer's brother-in-law Pramod Sakhwar called on his mobile, then a passer-by picked up the phone and reported Ranveer's death. After this, the family reached Agra and after Ranvir's post-mortem, the bodies were brought to Burf where he was cremated. The deceased Ranvir has three children in his family, besides an old mother and wife Mamta. Ranveer arrived in Delhi three years ago to maintain the family and used to do tipin delivery work in a hotel. On Saturday evening, when Ranvir's body reached his village, there was mourning.

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