Victims of malnutrition have higher risk of death if got infected with corona: Study
Victims of malnutrition have higher risk of death if got infected with corona: Study

New Delhi: Adults or children who have once suffered from malnutrition infected with corona may be prone to death or need Mechanical Ventilation treatment, according to new research. In fact, the research has been published in the journal Scientific Reports.

According to the report, malnutrition prevents the function of the immune system and increases the risk in the body of a patient infected with the virus. In fact, the research has been conducted using medical records of 8,604 children and 94,495 adults (over 18 years) who rushed to the hospital to get corona infection treatment in the U.S. between March and June 2020. Under this research, Louis Everhemufa and his colleagues wanted to find out if the recovery of malnourished people showed any change in their recovery as compared to a healthy body.

Of the 520 serious patients undergoing corona treatment, or 7.5 percent of 6 percent of children, 39, or 7.5 percent, were already malnourished, while 7,959 (98.45 percent) of children with mild corona symptoms had 125 (1.5 percent) of children with malnutrition. Of the 11,423 adults with severe corona infection, 453 (4 percent) were malnourished, while 81,515 (98.13 percent) with common corona symptoms were 1,557, or 1.8 percent malnourished, compared to adults. The research found that patients who had a history of malnutrition were taking longer to recover, while normal patients were recovering quickly.

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