Many cases of corona came in Nepal
Many cases of corona came in Nepal

Kathmandu: In Nepal too, the infection is increasing at a rapid pace. In the eastern Mediterranean region, there has been a case of an increase of 4 percent in new cases. However, the trend of decline in the figures of those who died from Covid-19 is still there. Lebanon, Tunisia and Jordan have seen the highest growth in new cases coming in this region. According to this health agency of the United Nations, the death rate from corona in the African continent has been reduced by eight percent and in new cases by 11 percent. The spread of corona in South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Algeria coming to this continent is slowing down. Whereas in Europe, new cases have been increasing continuously for the last three weeks.

More than 1.7 million new cases found worldwide: WHO

Schools being closed in Seoul: Schools in Seoul have been closed in view of the growing threat of the second round epidemic in South Korea. In the last two weeks, 193 students and teachers have been infected in the capital region. Due to this, this step is going to be taken. During this time, the Center for Disease Control has said that 280 new cases were found in the country during the last 24 hours. In the last 12 days, a total of 3,175 people have been infected.

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Major points related to corona epidemic worldwide: -

Philippines: The number of infected people has exceeded one lakh 97 thousand after receiving 2,965 new cases. More than three thousand have been done.

Singapore: After 5 months, the lowest number of new cases were found in this country. Due to 31 new cases, the number of infected people has exceeded 56 thousand.

Hong Kong: China is preparing to reopen beauty salons and cinemas after new cases fall in the China-controlled region.

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