Corona Vaccine Sputnik V to be tested on 100 Indian volunteers, DCGI gives permission

Oct 23 2020 10:19 AM
Corona Vaccine Sputnik V to be tested on 100 Indian volunteers, DCGI gives permission

Moscow: Russia's Corona vaccine Sputnik V will be tested on India's 100 volunteers. The Drug Controller General of the Indian Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (DCGI) has given this information after talking to Russian news agency Sputnik on Thursday. DCGI has allowed the laboratories of pharmaceutical giant Dr Reddy to test the vaccine.

However, the company will decide when to test Sputnik V. The news agency quoted the organization as saying that the vaccine would be tested during the second trial of the clinical trial. The vaccine will then enter the third phase of its trial. Last week, DCGI's Expert Committee recommended testing the second phase of the Russian Corona vaccine in India. DCGI says that testing can be done in Dr Reddy's Labs in India. According to a government official, Dr Reddy's Labs has said that in the second phase of the clinical trial, it will test on 100 people and in the third phase 1400 people.

"After the second phase of safety and resistance data is submitted by the pharmaceutical company, it will be analyzed by the expert panel and after that, they can proceed to the third phase of the trial," the official said. The Indian pharmaceutical company has contracted with Russia's Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) for clinical trial and distribution of Sputnik V. According to RDIF, once the vaccine is ready, it will provide 100 million vaccines to India.

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