James Neesham suggests this way to fight difficulties
James Neesham suggests this way to fight difficulties

The whole world is in awe due to the Coronavirus, because so far more than 2 million people have been infected worldwide due to this epidemic. This is the most difficult time due to Coronavirus. Recently New Zealand player James Neesham has told how to fight against difficult times. In fact, when James Neesham was asked about the role of humor in overcoming difficult situations, he said that it is important.

Significantly, these days the coronavirus has also hit cricket. This is the reason that all cricket houses are imprisoned. On the role of humor in difficult times, Neesham said - I think this is the most important. The game that we play and my career has been like that in which there are many ups and downs. In such a situation, you should see a good and funny side, otherwise you will go into the pit of darkness. James Neesham further said - I am accustomed to living in difficult situations and this is one of them. All these things pass last and we should keep smiling and laughing.

When we get out of these situations, then we will all be in good condition. Apart from this, he has said many more things. Neesham feels that it can be fought through difficult times through humor. The fear of the coronavirus epidemic is so high that fear is also increasing among the people.

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