Corona's new variant is extremely dangerous, has changed 30 times so far

New Delhi: The new variant of corona virus has once again raised concerns all over the world. When corona cases in many countries began to subside, then a new variant has frightened everyone. This new variant has been found in South Africa. It is said to spread very fast and has been mutationed more than 30 times. This variant is named B.1.1.529.

The whole world has been alerted about this variant. The Government of India has also asked all states to remain vigilant. The health ministry on Thursday issued instructions for screening of people coming from countries affected by the new variant of corona virus. All international travellers coming to India will be screened corona. Recently, visa restrictions and international travel concessions were given, and special care is being taken. Full emphasis is also being laid on rapid testing.

The constantly muted variant has raised the concerns of scientists along with the World Health Organization (WHO). Mutation more than 30 times i.e. changing form is the biggest alarm bell. In the second wave, Delta and Delta Plus variants were similarly muted and proved extremely deadly. The most worrying thing is whether the existing vaccine is effective against this variant or not. It may take time. It is feared that the variant will not start wreaking havoc by then.

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