Will Solar eclipse 2020 mark the end of coronavirus?

The havoc of the coronavirus is being seen all over the world. In the year 2020, the virus has been terrorized, though the impact is now slightly less visible. Many scientists, however, say that the origin of the coronavirus was first seen in animals in the year 1930 and then in the year 1940.

In the year 1960, a corona infection was found in a person who was complaining of cold. The highest and most virile form was seen in the year 2019. This virile form was first seen in China, which has now gradually spread all over the world. If the astrological calculations were considered, the corona began to spread rapidly after January. Last year there was a solar eclipse in the month of December and the astrologers considered the eclipse as giving negative results. During that, it was said that this epidemic arose because of the solar eclipse.

According to the astrologers, it is going to end with the epidemic that started from the eclipse. Some astrologers say that there is also a solar eclipse on December 14 and the corona will over with this. After this solar eclipse, a yog will be formed which will end the corona infection and will completely destroy it by the month of September. We are not saying this but some of the astrologers are saying this, although "NEWSTRACK" does not confirm this.

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