Coronavirus badly impacts 44 lakh private workers due to wage cut
Coronavirus badly impacts 44 lakh private workers due to wage cut

In the affluent country, the coronavirus has impacted at least 44 lakh (4 million) private-sector workers. According to the Washington Post, workers are facing pay cuts during the Corona epidemic. According to data provided to The Washington Post by economists working on labor market analysis for the Baker Freedmen Institute of Chicago, workers' pay cuts during the recession have doubled. Due to which the working class has come into crisis.

The Labor Department data has revealed that more than six million workers in the US were forced to work part-time during the epidemic, while they want to work full time. Dennis, who works in an air conditioning business in New Jersey, said that my weekly salary has fallen from US $ 720 to US $ 576. The same broad pay cut is very unusual. Firms typically insist on retrenchment of workers rather than deal with administrative challenges. But, some businesses have tried to save the servant by cutting the salary between 5 to 50% according to the post.

The labor market expert and manager of economic research, Shamath Gimbel, said in his statement that it may take us a long time to see a slight increase in wage growth. Salaries of both small and large companies have been cut. About a third of small businesses have cut wages of some workers by at least 10% in May.

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