Government gives relief to foreign nationals stranded in India
Government gives relief to foreign nationals stranded in India

Lockdown has been implemented in India due to Corona. Foreign nationals trapped in the country have been allowed to extend their visa till May 3 at no charge. Punya Salila Srivastava, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs, said that foreign nationals whose visas have expired or are about to expire can send applications for extension.

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The government has extended the regular and e-visas of foreigners stranded in the country till May 3 due to Corona. Besides, the visas of foreigners preparing to come to India in addition to diplomats and UN officials have also been suspended till May 3. All domestic and international passenger flights are canceled till May 3 due to the nationwide lockdown.

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Regarding the matter, the ministry said that for all those foreigners whose regular visas, e-visas or stay stipulations expire between February 1 and May 3, this period will be extended till May 3 without any fee. For this, they have to apply online. Thousands of foreign nationals are stranded here due to applicable travel restrictions in the country and are unable to return home before their visa expires. Important embassy services are also being provided to such people. On application, the ministry has asked to extend the visa period of such foreign nationals even after May 3, up to 14 days i.e. 17 May without overstay penalty.

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