Next Covid variant will be more dangerous than Omicron, Waring by WHO

The new omicron variant of the coronavirus is wreaking havoc these days. However, it is less dangerous than the previous Delta variant. Now amidst all this, scientists have expressed concern about the next strain of Covid. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) officials said on Tuesday that the next variant of the coronavirus may be more infectious than the omicron, but in reality, scientists need to tell whether the upcoming variant will be deadly or not. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of technology for COVID-19 at the WHO, said in a live discussion on social media channels, "The health body has registered about 21 million cases in the last week. The weekly cases of the fast-spreading omicron variant have set this new global record.''

At the same time, she said, "However, this is not as dangerous as all the previous variants, which started increasing the rush of patients in the hospitals as soon as they arrived.'' Van Kerkhove also said, "The next variant of it will be more powerful." This means that its transmission rate will be higher and it will overtake the existing variants spreading all over the world. A big question is also whether the variants coming in the future will be more deadly or not. On the other hand, experts have warned those who believe in theories that the virus will mutate into a milder strain over time and people will fall less sick than previous variants.

In fact, recently she said, "We can definitely expect the next variant to be lighter. But it will actually happen, there is no guarantee of that. So people need to strictly follow covid protocols. In addition, the next mutate variant of Covid may be more adept at escaping vaccine protection. This can affect the immunity formed by the vaccine.'' At the same time, WHO officials also said, "At the moment, the omicron is at peak in many countries of the world and is emerging in many countries. You don't have to wear a mask forever. You don't even need to maintain physical distance forever. But looking at the current situation, we have to do it currently.''

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