Usha Uthup connected with fans through Facebook live session

Apr 09 2020 08:40 PM
Usha Uthup connected with fans through Facebook live session

These days there are many stars staying in lockdown who are coming to Facebook Live. In such a situation, many writers and artists have participated in this list. Now on Wednesday evening, Usha Uthup entertained the public by going live from her house from the Facebook page of Rajkamal Publishing Group. He told the people not to cross the line. Stay home and beat Corona together. Every day I pray to God to protect India.

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Usha Uthup said, "It is time that we recognize the power of unity and show respect to those who are working for our safety and do not get out of the house for them." If we are together, a bright ray of hope will come soon. This time Usha Uthup told that" She is doing her daily work as before and getting ready in her home studios Practice not only. "Not only that, he told that, 'She is reading books. Apart from reading her biography' Ullas Ki Naawat ', she is Khalid Hussaini's Kite Runner and Pavlo Kohilo's book The Alchemist. Yes, you are. '

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The biography of Usha Uthup is published by Rajkamal Publications and its author is Vikas Kumar Jha. While talking on Facebook Live, Maitreyi Pushpa said, "There are seven doctors in my house and are standing face-to-face with Corona and are engaged in freeing her from here. We also have a responsibility to support them in this. ”Pushpesh Pant, a historian and food expert, goes live at eleven in the morning with a wide variety of dishes. In this sequence, on Wednesday morning, he talked about casserole Told.

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