US plans to reopen epidemic response office

Jul 03 2020 12:02 PM
US plans to reopen epidemic response office

The pandemic response office, which was closed by US President Donald Trump, is being reopened. It has been decided to reopen it in the State Department amid the Corona epidemic. The National Security Council held a meeting to discuss plans for the office, according to CNN. The Office of Epidemic Response was opened in the National Security Council during the Obama tenure, while it is now being opened in the State Department.

Critics have raised many questions on the Trump administration. According to some former officials, if the Office of Epidemic Response were not closed, the US could control the corona better. There is a steady increase in corona cases in America. According to the Washington Post, a total of 55,220 new cases of corona have been registered in the country on Thursday.

The entire world is currently suffering from the corona virus epidemic. But it has had the most effect on America. And Donald Trump has taken several decisions to avoid this epidemic, in the meantime he has decided to reopen the Epidemic Response Office. This is why he is again embroiled in controversies. Some former officials have targeted him and said in their statement that if the epidemic office had not been closed, the corona virus would have been controlled by now. However, Trump has not responded to this statement.

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