Donald Trump bans WHO funding
Donald Trump bans WHO funding

Washington: The deadly coronavirus wreaking havoc all around the globe. The number of people who have died from this virus has exceeded 126000. The fear of this virus is spread among people. Where the US President Donald Trump has announced the World Health Organization (WHO) to stop funding from the US. Trump said on Tuesday that he has instructed his administration to stop funding the World Health Organization (WHO). He also said that after the emergence of Coronavirus in China, the role of the organization in hiding its spread and serious mismanagement is being reviewed.

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Trump said during a press conference, "Today I am directing my administration to stop funding the World Health Organization (WHO). We will work directly with others on global health. Any assistance that we send will be strictly discussed."

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Worldwide criticism of the WHO: The US President has criticized the World Health Body for the epidemic, saying that the organization had known about the dangers of corona for a long time, but had taken late steps. Trump said that the organization was aware of the virus months before it stepped in. The WHO is being criticized worldwide along with this epidemic. Both are being alleged that they did not take the virus seriously, which spread it all over the world.

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